Save the Lake Coalition

The Save the Lake Coalition consists of volunteers dedicated to improving the quality of water at Chippewa Lake and the entire Upper Chippewa Lake Watershed.

Statement from the Save the Lake Coalition

Chippewa Lake, Ohio — (August 27, 2019) During the week of August 5, BlueGreen Water Technologies completed a series of tests and treatments at Chippewa Lake, Ohio featuring their Lake Guard™ chemical treatment. The results are very encouraging.

BlueGreen Water Technologies is an international company headquartered in Tel Aviv, Israel committed to improving water quality on a global scale. The management chose Chippewa Lake as a test case because they were impressed by the spirit of cooperation among community leaders addressing the Chippewa Lake harmful algae bloom (HAB) situation, media coverage, website content and exposure of the lake’s story at local, state and national association meetings.

The Medina County Park District and Save the Lake Coalition served as hosts for the five person contingent that was dispatched from Israel after BlueGreen Water Technologies determined Chippewa Lake would be a perfect place to test its product. It appears from satellite readings and tests that HAB has been reduced significantly. Based on the one week trial, it is possible harmful algae bloom can be addressed in a preventative, cost-effective manner that is both affordable and predictable. Findings will be shared with other communities.

“Medina County Park District continues to evaluate ways to mitigate the impact of harmful algal blooms. If the treatment from BlueGreen Water Technologies extends this boating season and we don’t have any more blooms, we’ll have to seriously consider using their technology in the future,” said Nathan Eppink, Medina County Park District Director.

The microcystin levels at Chippewa Lake this summer have been well within acceptable levels, allowing the lake to remain open for normal recreational activities. This has not been the case during the past two years. While additional due diligence is required, the Save the Lake Coalition believes Lake Guard offers a high probability of success in terms of curing Chippewa Lake’s HAB problem and should be given every consideration.

“I appreciate the efforts of the Save the Lake Coalition and the passion of the residents who want to see Ohio’s largest glacial lake preserved,” said Eppink.